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About strives to provide a simple service that allows end users to take the properties of commonly used data entities, or objects, and "do stuff" with them. Currently, we support five (5) distinctly different entity types:

Our goal at is to be the middleman, or broker, that provides the (s)platform through which independently developed applications and tools can route data using a common conduit. We provide third-party developers with tools and APIs that allow them to both populate splatforms (or, as we like to write it, *forms!) on the front end and utilize *forms on the back end as data sources for functions on other, targeted web sites.

The benefit to the end user, of course, is that they enter the data just once (or depending on the *form loader, it may even be done in some automated fashion), and then all of the requested processes occur in the background without any further action on their part. For example, a single Simple Text Message entry could be used to update a person's status on a number of social networking sites simultaneously and at the same time be sent out on Twitter or as an IM on any number of other sites. Because there is such an unlimited possibility of things that could be done with such data once it is made available, we understood from the beginning that there was no way that we could ever keep up with, or even come up with, all of the various permutations that could potentially exist. That is exactly why we chose to open up that part of the process to outside developers on both ends of the interaction.

For more detailed information on the entire concept, please check out our Frequently Asked Questions.